Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Web presence consolidation

I'm practicing retirement this week. With the cold weather, the outside work is all but finished. I still have more leaves around here but NO MORE PAINTING! I'm taking it easy this week as I get ready to start on winter projects.

This morning, I decided to make up some tuna salad for lunch. In my late teens, that was one of my favorites; especially with fresh bread. I used to get that pull-apart loaf you pop in the oven. That was the greatest with tuna salad. But more recently, like the last 30 years, I have not liked it when I made it. It seems all you can find is water packed tuna. That is what Pat gets anyway. It just does not have the flavor of oil packed. I did the best I could with what I had but I am going to make it a point to find oil packed tuna. I googled "oil pack tuna" and apparently it is readily available. I guess I have to go on a quest to find it.

For me, the secret to egg salad, tuna salad, potato salad, etc. is Helman's mayonnaise first blended with the egg yolks before mixing it in. I actually make egg salad first and then just add in tuna. With the 'crappy" water packed tuna, I found I had to add two cans where with the oil packed, I just add one can, oil and all! Add a little salt and relish and you are good to go. I put in some celery seed because the tuna is so bland but I don't like whole celery. I'll serve it for lunch and see how it turned out.

I have been feeling a bit disenchanted with  Facebook recently. I like the idea but I am seeing little "profit motive" changes that I don't like. I think it is going down hill so I am planning to post more here on my blog. It worked before Facebook and I suspect it will work just fine after Facebook. Just sayin'

Over the years, I have vacillated from one social media to another. I have multiple blogs for photography, personal ramblings and this blog that has been about travel. I also have standard websites. I can't maintain them all so I bounce from one to another. I have followers on each media. I am still formulating the best approach but the main theme will be a centralized focus. In the past, I have tried to bundle my thoughts and talents into multiple packages to be rationed out to differing groups according to their likes and degree of awareness. Some enjoyed my photography and advice on taking pictures, some just like to follow along on our journeys through the trip albums here on this blog. Others followed some of my more "New Age"  thoughts including the Bee Lief Stories. There is a rather large group that follows the events of our high school class. Then there are the notorious "tongue-in-cheek" Christmas Letters. These are all ME! I have just presented parts of me to differing groups.

At 66, it is time to quit worrying who likes what part of my personality and just be me! I like to laugh and poke fun at myself and events around me but I am also very deep in my spiritual beliefs. I am Christian but don't see that as a limitation to also believing in much of the Eastern thought. I am a strong believer in reincarnation of the spirit and that we live as both physical and spiritual beings at the same time. I love art in all forms from music to visual art. I think they too have a physical and spiritual factor. I will attempt to share my thoughts with you; not to convert you to my thought but to make you aware of possibilities. We all have our own path to follow and we will often cross those paths with others. WE might walk together for a while or an eternity. We may have an exchange of thought and energy and then be on our own again. In the end, we will find we are actually all one, heading to the same place of awareness.

As I started this posting today, I had no idea where it would lead. If it seems a bit disconnected, I apologize.  Sometimes when I write, that inner spirit comes out. Yes, it is a long way from Tuna Salad to the nature of life; what can I say. I have a few spiritual laws that I have to follow. I have to answer questions as honestly as I can and when spirit wants to communicate through me, I am obligated to pass on the communication. WE are in troubling times and some of the unrest is the awakening of that inner spirit trying to synchronize with the world around us.

I will continue this later, Follow along if you wish.

Love and Light,