Monday, October 14, 2013

He believes in you

I does not matter if you believe in God, the fact that he believes in you is why you are.
 D.F.S. 10/14/13

Hi Lord, it’s me. We are getting older and things are getting ...bad here.
Gas prices are too high, no jobs, and food and heating costs too high. I
know some have taken you out of our schools, government and even
Christmas, but Lord I'm asking you to come back and re-bless America! We
really need you! There are more of us who want you than those who don't!
Help us to let others know you love them and we pray for a re-kindling of the fire that made this country great. Give us a REVIVAL of people following you, for that is the only way to "change" this country in a positive direction.
Thank You Lord, I Love You. (Author unknown)

I got this as an e-mail and decided to pass it on this way so it can be easily shared.  Some of you might be thinking, "All this God talk is just for the Bible beating Christian fanatics." but God isn't Christian! He/she can't be claimed by any religion as their God only. God is the central anchor of ALL religions. Yes, he is the God of the Catholics and the Protestants but when you pray to God, you are praying to the God of All. He is the God of the Christians and the God of the Jews. He is the God of the Hindus and the God of the Buddhists. Yes, he is also the God of the Muslims.  The spirit has no denomination; it simply is. Life is a journey of the soul and at some time, when the soul has learned the lessons it must, it will return to its source. Only then can we find true peace.D.F.S