Monday, March 31, 2008

Too many blogs?

It is hard to believe the last post was almost a year ago. It seems obvious that I just don't have time to maintain all the Blogs I am responsible for. Oops, there goes that dangling preposition. We have reduced our weekend trips a bit with the steadily increasing gas prices but we are still out several times a month. It isn't a lack of material that resulted in the reduced postings; just a lack of time. I maintain a blog and website for The Brinkerhoff Home along with a blog for the Iles House . Add to that a blog and website for my high school graduating class and 2 spin-off blogs also for them. All this is secondary to my business site which is currently being updated. I have just opened a new gallery covering pictures of Springfield and Abe Lincoln sites.

I turn 62 the middle of next month so I am officially old. I don't have to make excuses; let's just say I forgot.

With winter finally loosing its grip on the Midwest, my construction work begins to take precedence and time is further limited. I will continue to add pictures and events here as time permits. The last trip to Florida, Christmas 2007, is documented in pictures you can see at