Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 Where is life going?

I start every year with good intentions for the new year and some how  the next thing I know it is December and I am writing another Christmas letter. Last year was no different. The time flies by like tissue in a hurricane. Sometimes it feels like I am riding on the tissue. You might ask, "Didn't you do anything to write about?" The answer to that is, "Oh, we did a lot of traveling, but when we got home, rather than chronicle the adventure, we were either off on another adventure or I was back at work. It was a little like a paratrooper hitting the  ground running. No time to look back. So, why should this year be any different? The answer is that magical word RETIREMENT! My wife retires the end of May. Once she retires, I won't feel like I have to work to remain productive. It is one thing for both of us to take a walk and relax but for me to do the same thing while she was working shouts out "LAZY" to me so I find projects to justify myself. Last year, I took a small house appraised as "possible tear down" and made it one of the best looking houses on the block. It was a lot of work but worth the time and effort and yes it made me feel good about myself. The fact that I was still able to  carry 80 pound bundles of shingles up a ladder, was quite a feat for an old guy of 66.

That was all in the past and the past is behind us. While we can learn from the past, we can't change it so it's time to move on and take on another year. With my new found "free time" I have been writing much more and I find myself driven to continue. Much of the writing has been directed toward FaceBook entries in the many groups I follow. I find myself driven to help younger photographers grow through helpful posts on several photography sites. I use these same windows to display some of my many photographs. Another of my endeavors has been a concerted effort to bring my high school graduating class together through Facebook postings and regular "Gatherings" . With our 50th reunion just over a year away, I will let the Reunion Committee take over much of that effort. I posted my "State of the Class" resignation just a couple days ago. This resignation included the discontinuance of my maintenance on the two class blogs and their website. 

That brings us here and the time is now. Look for a new resurgence on this spot. I will be going back to the original travel logs disbursed with pictures to bring it life.  I will also incorporate my love of photography and my need to teach by sharing my experience. So, future posts will contain some of the information that would have gone on my photography page. So, for the photographers out there, you will see how I got the shots and also links to where you can purchase copies of the photos that inspire you. 

For those who enjoy my humor, I will be incorporating that into all my work because that is the way I roll. I like to go through life with a smile and if I can bring that smile to others, I am forever grateful. What you won't find here is a place to comment. I will retain my FaceBook presence for that purpose. You can find me on FaceBook under DSDigitals.  Here is a direct link . You will find additional pictures there on a regular basis. It is also a great place to leave comments. My personal presence on FaceBook will also continue. That's where you will find my personal/political/philosophical  thoughts. If you are from my high school class, you will also find me on our private shs class of 64 FaceBook page. 

For those of you who have followed me here in the past, you might say, "haven't we heard this before, you promise to write and then don't" I can understand your frustration. The truth is, I have been writing much more than I ever have done before but I spread my thoughts and writing so far and wide that there never seems to be any time for the Em-T-Nest. I am going to change that starting now. 

Join me in this new year of 2013. 
© Dulany Sriner